Thursday, 3 May 2012

Android is a Linux based mobile operating system for hand held devices like smart phones, tablets. Technically it is a software stack for mobile devices containing an operating system, middle ware and some key applications. Android was developed by Open Handset Alliance which is a consortium firm that develops open standards for hand held devices and now it is led by Google and its counterparts.

Android offer following advantages :-

1.  Being an open source platform Android puts no constraints on developers and manufacturers over developing a variety of applications.

2.  Unlike other operating system, Android does not differentiate between native and third party applications. Android does not give priority to native applications over third party applications like hardware access is equally available to native as well as third party applications.

3.  Rather than being a mobile operating system created for a single hardware implementation, Android is designed to support a large variety of hardware platforms, from WVGA phones with hard keyboards to QVGA devices with resistive touch screens.

4.  Wide range of mobile application is available in the android  market for distribution and monetization.

5.   Technically Android offers a lot of features like Google Map  Applications that lets you display, manipulate, and annotate a map. Android also lets your application to share data with third party or native applications. Background services let a user download data from the network without stealing his focus. Besides home screen widgets, live folders, and quick search box are also beneficial.

The increasing popularity of modern smart phones, combined with the increasing availability of flat rate affordable data plans and Wi-Fi, has bring an opportunity to a particular android company to deliver its best output that satisfies the need of its customers and thereby constitutes some profit.